Baltimore, Maryland

Never have I ever felt compelled to review a business, but because of not only the awesome airbrush that was given but the extraordinary customer service provided I felt the need to write a review. First off, I live in VA, however was in Maryland for work and so on my way back to the area I found this place online and decided to give it a try based on the great reviews. On my way to my appointment I was running late thanks to a serious rain storm that had hit maryland that I had the pleasure of driving through. Because of this, I texted to let the owner know I was running late due to the storm. Although she too had a time commitment of her own requiring her to need to leave at a certain time, she waited for me to get there and tanned me. As far as the tan is concerned, the color looks and looked amazing. I wasn’t sure what kind of color to do and so she was extremely helpful in picking out the color she thought would look best. Throughout the airbrush as well as she sprayed me she was great at giving me tons of helpful tips on how to care for the tan to make sure that it lasted. Second, once the tan was over the rain storm was still going on and the rain was coming down hard. The owner was concerned that part of the tan would come off, especially since I was wearing shorts. The owner actually offered to pull my car up front, since I had parked across the street. I was so blown away by the generosity this owner had shown me, and of course I too was afraid of walking in the rain and so I said yes. She actually pulled the car up in front of her studio and then walked me to my car as she carried this giant umbrella that I could hide under so I didn’t get wet. Although I live in VA, because of not only the amazing tan but most importantly the incredible kindness and generosity that I was shown I can see myself regularly and happily making the drive back to Baltimore. I like to spray tan almost weekly, and despite being 45 minutes away from me I would much rather come here than anywhere else. To anyone in the market looking for an airbrush tan look no further and go here. I have airbrushed at many places and not only was the price of the tan comparable to other establishments, I got better results and was shown out of this world customer service.


Baltimore, Maryland

I’m so happy with my tan and you really did a wonderful job it’s not orange at all and totally natural looking thx again see you soon


Baltimore, Maryland

Bella thanks again for last min appt.


Baltimore, Maryland

Hello Bella, I just wanted to say "thank" you so much you did a amazing job. I really looked as if I just got back from the beach your products are awesome


Thank you very much! My bridal party looks fantastic! We are all nice and tan for our beach ceremony!
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