About Artist Tim

Throughout Tim's career, he has always been passionate about building relationships and adopting new concepts to better himself, and his client’s experience. Ten years as a speaker giving power point presentations in training settings challenged him to try a wide array of marketing strategies and honed his abilities to lead and motivate successful teams of people. His Job was to train and teach people to become the best they could be.

Tim left a career he knew so well to get into the beauty industry a little over a a years ago. So why did he take a leap of faith? He witnessed a societal shift that has resulted in a lack of self-esteem and drive. He desired to impact as many of those lives as possible by providing a creative outlet that allows each individual to show their personality and inner beauty.

Why did he decide to train with Inked Elegantly Training? It’s all about his ability to change the lives of his clients. He learned the best investment you can make is in yourself. What if you could make a choice that could make a positive financial impact on your life. Take the leap of faith and make a positive impact on your self and your client.

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